EVA angled tube catheter mount with sampling port MEDEREN

EVA angled tube catheter mount with sampling port

Disposable medical breathing circuit double swivel catheter mount with gas sampling port(extendable tube). The catheter mount is mating with anesthesia and breathing machine, a channel as anesthesia gas and oxygen enter into patient's body.

Ref. No.: Sizes: Elbow 15F/22MCategory: Anesthesia breathing circuits and mountsTags: mount.

Product features

  • Made of medical grade EVA, PE or PVC
  • Сatheter mount Including tube 200 mm with Elbow 15F/22M and 22F Connector
  • Double swivel connectors designing enables increasing ease of use during surgery or post surgery
  • Double cap to maintain PEEP during suctioning or bronchoscopy
  • Standardized connectors for safe connection to other components
  • Luer-lock port for gas sampling
  • PVC-Free design of gas leading components eliminates risk of softeners such as DEHP
  • Qty.Cs: 100 pcs