Single Head Acrylic Stethoscope MEDEREN

Single Head Acrylic Stethoscope

Acrylic Stethoscope allows to listen to high and low frequencies without turning the head. Low frequencies are heard with a slight pressure on the patient's body surface, high-frequency noises and tones are heard with a greater pressure on the patient's body by an acoustic head.

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  • It is widely claimed among cardiologists. Provides good sound quality.
  • Quality at the best price
  • A stethoscope with a one-sided head is designed to listen to Korotkov's tones when measuring blood pressure by a mechanical tonometer.
  • The device has excellent acoustic characteristics, reliable design, soft ears tips with conical shape.
  • Stethoscope are ideal for both professionals and home use.


Available Configuration

Ref. No.:Description:
GCDE110601Clear acrylic head, black tubing