A suction catheter is a medical device used to extract bodily secretions, such as mucus or saliva from the upper airway. A suction catheter connects to a suction machine or collection canister.

Once you securely attach one end of a catheter to an aspirator or collection canister, the unattached end will be placed directly into a trach tube to extract secretions. Suction catheters come in a variety of styles. Choose from a closed system, a rigid yankauer, latex rubber, latex free and more.

Tracheal suctioning becomes hassle-free and convenient with our wide selection of suction catheters. Peruse our suction catheters today to find the best product for your tracheal suctioning needs!

MEDEREN offers a range of sterile and non-sterile suction tubing made from non-toxic medical grade PVC. Multiple lengths and a soft tubing option when partnered with the Linear Medical yankauer sucker ensures your specific suction needs are met. 

MEDEREN offers a complete line of open suction products including catheters, tubes, containers etc. Our open suctions products come in a variety of tip and valve styles to suit the needs of clinicians in acute and long term care facilities. In addition, our tracheostomy care trays are available with and without solutions to provide the flexibility you need for any care setting.

We offer suction products designed to provide either fine or gross suction to ensure a clear and dry surgical field. Surgical support products are designed to be used in the perfusion circuit and are not patient size specific.