Clip Caps (Mob Cap)  MEDEREN

Clip Caps (Mob Cap)

Used to prevent contamination from hair and as a protection against minimal risks, especially in hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, beauty saloons and food handling companies.

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  • Superior protection with fluid repellent material.
  • Spunbound Polypropylene construction increased level of durability, comfort and ventilation.
  • Soft elastic headband for maximum coverage.
  • Reduced allergic reactions with latex-free elastic headband.
  • Different weight: 10g/m2, 12g/m2, 14g/m2 etc.
  • Different size: 18”, 21”, 24”, 28”

Available Configuration

Ref. No.: Size: Color: Qty.Cs:
GCN10021 18'' B/W/R/G/Y 100pcs/bag,10bags/case
GCN10022 21'' B/W/R/G/Y 100pcs/bag,10bags/case
GCN10023 24' B/W/R/G/Y 100pcs/bag,10bags/case
GCN10024 28'' B/W/R/G/Y 100pcs/bag,10bags/case