Enteral Feeding Sets MEDEREN
Enteral Feeding  Gravity Set 1500 ml MEDEREN
Enteral Feeding PUMP Set 500 ml MEDEREN
Enteral Feeding  Gravity Set 600 ml  with container MEDEREN
Enteral Feeding  Gravity Set without container
Feeding Container
Feeding set locking mechanism and connector

Enteral Feeding Sets

Enteral feeding sets MEDEREN are available in the gravity-version and for the pump-version, in volumes of 500-1500 ml, with a bag or container and without bag. Gravity sets should be used in the absence of an enteral feed pump.

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Product features

  • Enteral feeding sets is made of transparent, non-toxic materials for easy visual inspection
  • Available in sizes 500 ml, 800 ml ,1000 ml ,1200 ml ,1500 ml for sets with bag and 600 ml for a set with the container
  • Ring for fixing system bag on the counter
  • Pocket on the back of the bag
  • Tube and inspection camera  are made of transparent PVC
  • Locking mechanism allows to dose the nutrient mixture
  • Bag printing contains information about the date and time of usage
  • Each set individually wrapped
  • Sterile, for single use only
  • Packing: consumer (1pc.pkg.) /shipping (30 pieces pack./ 50 PCs. pkg. for sets with container)

Available Configuration

Enteral Feeding Pump Sets

Ref. No.: Bag value: Qty.Cs:
0313-М016-05 500 1/30
0313-М016-08 800 1/30
0313-М016-10 1000 1/30
0313-М016-12 1200 1/30
0313-М016-15 1500 1/30

Enteral Feeding Gravity Sets

Ref. No.: Bag value: Qty.Cs:
0313-М017-05 500 1/30
0313-М017-08 800 1/30
0313-М017-10 1000 1/30
0313-М017-12 1200 1/30
0313-М017-15 1500 1/30

Enteral Feeding Set without bag

Ref. No.: Qty.Cs:
0313-М018-01 1/30

Enteral Feeding Set with container

Ref. No.: Container value: Qty.Cs:
0313-М019-06 600 1/50