Enteral Feeding Spike Set

Umbilical Catheter

Catheter in radiopaque and transparent PVC, can be used for umbilical venous catheterisation (parenteral nutrition, drug administration, exchange transfusion, blood sampling...) or for umbilical arterial catheterisation (blood gas analysis, blood pressure measurement...)

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Product features

  • Used to access the umbilical vessels of pre-mature or newly – born babies
  • Made from non-toxic, medical grade PVC
  • Smooth round tip for atraumatic insertion and well-finished surface facilitate smooth passage in the vein
  • Markings at every cm to ascertain depth of insertion, radio opaque line ascertain position during scans
  • Proximal end provided with Luer female connecter for easy connection to the I.V. therapy equipment

Available Configuration

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GCD301054 5 Fr/ Ch 500
GCD301056 6 Fr/Ch 500
GCD301058 8Fr/Ch 500