Oxygen  Non re-breather Mask. Standard and Elongated
Oxygen  Non re-breather Mask. Elongated
Oxygen  Non re-breather Mask. Standard
Oxygen  Non re-breather Mask. Metall nose clip

Oxygen Non re-breather Mask (high-flow system)

Consists of a simple mask and a small reservoir bag attached to the oxygen tubing connecting to the flow meter. With a re-breather mask, there is no re-breathing of exhaled air. It has a series of one-way valves between the mask and the bag and the covers on the exhalation ports.

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On inspiration, the patient only breathes in from the reservoir bag; on exhalation, gases are prevented from flowing into the reservoir bag and are directed out through the exhalation ports.

With a good fit, the mask can deliver between 60% and 80% FiO2 (fraction of inspired oxygen). The flow meter should be set to deliver O2 at 10 to 15 L/min. Flow rate must be high enough to ensure that the reservoir bag remains partially inflated during inspiration.

Product Features

  • Low resistance check valve. Prevents patients from rebreathing gas already exhaled
  • Odorless vinyl body. Soft mask is latex free, comfortable for patients, and material is safely disposable
  • Safety vent. One way valve allows exhaled carbon dioxide to escape, but traps air from re-entry, causing patients to inhale higher percentages of oxygen instead
  • Non-kink tubing. Complete with 213-1542 mm, oxygen supply tubing
  • Adjustable nose clip. Allows mask to be formed to patient for tighter seal
  • Size: S, M, L, XL Available for Adult and Child
  • 100 pcs/ctn

Available Configuration

Standard mask

Ref. No.: Size Tube length, cm Qty. (box/carton)
0115-M171-11 M 213 1/100
0115-M171-12 M 430 1/100
0115-M171-13 M 762 1/100
0115-M171-14 M 1542 1/100
0115-M171-21  XL 213 1/100
0115-M171-22  XL 430 1/100
0115-M171-23  XL 762 1/100
0115-M171-24  XL 1542 1/100

Enlongated mask

Ref. No.: Size Tube length, cm Qty. (box/carton)
0115-M172-31 M 213 1/100
0115-M172-32 M 430 1/100
0115-M172-33 M 762 1/100
0115-M172-34 M 1542 1/100
0115-M172-41  XL 213 1/100
0115-M172-42  XL 430 1/100
0115-M172-43  XL 762 1/100
0115-M172-44  XL 1542 1/100