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HANDISOL™ Antimicrobial Non-leaching Nitrile Disposable Gloves

  • •  Kills up to 99.999% microbes
  • •  Sizes: XS-XL

The world’s first non-leaching antimicrobial nitrile disposable gloves that kill up to 99.999% of microbes.

Product Features

A new type of medical examination glove with built-in antimicrobial technology to fight infection and combat antimicrobial resistance, providing active protection against Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs). Activated by light and oxygen, and able to kill up to 99.999% of microbes, these Antimicrobial Gloves provide an extra active layer of protection to healthcare workers.

Antimicrobial Gloves actively reduce the risk of infection transmission from an infection source to a susceptible patient. The active ingredient on the glove is a photosensitiser which generates singlet oxygen when exposed to light. This singlet oxygen oxidises the bacteria’s protein and lipid, thus leading to the death of microbes and bacteria within just five minutes of contact. This technology, built into gloves, also removes the need for additional solutions and chemicals.

The antimicrobial nitrile gloves are non-leaching, meaning that the active ingredient will not transfer to people or surfaces. These gloves are also skin-safe, being non-irritating and non-sensitising, meaning you can wear them safe in the knowledge they are not damaging or irritating your skin.


  • World’s 1st non leaching antimicrobial nitrile gloves
  • Kills up to 99.999% microbes. Effective in killing prevalent and antibiotic resistant microbes such has MRSA and VRE.
  • HANDISOL antimicrobial Nitrile gloves is designed to kill microorganisms on the external side of the glove quickly upon contact. The active ingredient on the glove is a photosensitizer which generates singlet oxygen when exposed to light. This singlet oxygen oxidizes the bacteria’s protein and lipid, thus leading to the death of microbes.
  • – Helps reduce the risk of transmission from an infection source to a susceptible patients
  • – Provides active protection against HEALTHCARE-ASSOCIATED INFECTIONS (HAIs)
  • – Finger Textured
  • – Powder-Free
  • – Not made with natural rubber latex
  • – Lab Chemical tested

Available Configurations

Ref. No.:SizeLength
0225-M311-01XS220 mm
0225-M311-02S220 mm
0225-M311-03M230 mm
0225-M311-04L230 mm
0225-M311-05XL230 mm

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