Loss of resistance syringes MEDEREN
Loss of resistance syringe automatic
Loss of resistance syringe sensitive
Loss of resistance syringe automatic usage with tuohy needle
Loss of resistance syringe sensitive usage with tuohy needle
the automatic LOR syringe lock piston

Loss of resistance syringes

Low-friction L.O.R. syringes MEDEREN are specifically designed to facilitate successful location of the epidural space. Its dependable and smooth plunger action provides excellent sensitivity for epidural space detection.

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Syringes specifications

  • Graduated barrel indicates degree of plunger advancement
  • Suitable for use with both air and saline techniques with standard Luer slip connection to epidural needles
  • Available stand-alone or in trays
  • Smooth plunger movement
  • Luer slip and Luer lock configurations
  • Pre-lubricated plastic syringes are suitable for use with both air and saline techniques

Automatic L.O.R. syringe

  • Provides optimum ease for locating epidural space.
  • Suitable to be used with fluid and air methods.
  • Syringe plunger has a locking system to ensure injecting exact amount of fluids at four different levels.
  • Physician does not have to keep the plunger end in his hand after injecting fluid inside the syringe cylinder because of the safely locking trippets on the plunger.
  • Physician's hands will be free while he fixes Tuohy epidural needle onto the Automatic L.O.R. syringe.
  • After fixing syringe onto the Tuohy epidural needle, physician holds both wings of the epidural needle, proceeding toward epidural space safely and securely. When reached to epidural space, spring inside the syringe cylinder advances forward confirmain epidural space.
  • Physician does not have to press on the syringe plunger continuously.
  • Provides secure and safe hand manipulation, enabling physicians hands to be free to hold the epidural needle hub with both hands.

Available Configuration

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