One-piece closed colostomy system. EVOH type. Cutting range: 25 mm. 300 ml

One-piece closed compact colostomy system. EVOH. 200х130 mm. Ø20-45 mm

The COMPACT disposal EVOH colostomy bag with hydrocolloid plate for long time wearing (5-7 days)

Ref. No.: Sizes: 300 mlCategory: Ostomy care productsTags: hydrocolloid plate,EVOH,one-piece bag.

Product features

  • Pouch size: 170х130 mm
  • Pouch volume: 300 ml
  • The hydrocolloid adhesive is mild,and non-irritating,safe for long time wearing 5-7days.
  • Good resist for PH value between 4-10 and absorbency 3.47g/g/24h.
  • Odor-free and noiseless
  • Baseplate cutting range: 20-45 mm
  • With bar filter

Available Configuration

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