Gynecological Cytobrush plus MEDEREN
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Gynecological Cytobrush Plus

The classic Cytobrush Plus Cell collector for endocervical sampling is excellent for nulliparous or menopausal women, or for collecting endocervical cells at conization. The gentle brush collects large amounts of cells that are easily transferred to slides for analysis.

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Product features

  • The cytobrush is convenient in use, provides representative atraumatic taking of material.
  • In case of necessity the workng part can be bent at any angle to the handle. This allows to adapt the instrument depending on the anatomic features of the area where the taking of material takes place 
  • The polymeric drop eliminates the risk of traumatizing the mucous membrane during the carrying out of test.
  • Sterile for single use
  • Taking material for cytological, microbiological tests in obstetric-gynecologic, dermatovenereologic practice.