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1 ml disposable tuberculin syringe

  • •  Unsurpassed needle
  • •  Smooth flow

Tuberculin Syringes are small syringes with fine needles that hold up to one half to one cubic centimeter of fluid, used to administer medication (antigen) under the skin and perform a tuberculosis test called PPD.

Product Features

  • Manufactured from medical grade non-recycled polypropylene.
  • Clear transparent chamber comparable to glass syringes facilitates visual inspection.
  • Prominent graduation ensures dosage accuracy and avoids wastage of valuable medicine.
  • Friction free movement of plunger ensures proper vacuum and non dead space.
  • Sharp triple faceted bevelled tip of needle for smooth penetration.
  • Ribbon packed in tough laminated film, highly resistant to puncture and tearing.
  • Ultra fine needle(16-31G)
  • Disposable, Sterile, Ready for use.
  • Individual pack:Blister/Poly bag.
  • For single use only.

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