Medical Products and Supplies

Irrigation Sets

  • •  Volume: 1500, 1750, 2000 ml
  • •  Roller clamp, locking mechanism, with slide clamp
  • •  Atraumatic distal end

Irrigation Set MEDEREN is a ‘closed’ irrigation system especially for patients who are unable to sit on an ordinary toilet and therefore need their bowel management to be carried out on the bed. The system flows the water into the rectum. The return water is collected hygienically and odour free in the collection bag.

Product Features

  • Bag value - 1500, 1750, 2000 ml;
  • Made of non-toxic, soft PVC;
  • Roller clamp for smooth flow adjustment or simple locking mechanism to quick flow stop or slide clamp;
  • Atraumatic distal end coated with vaseline and insulated with a cap to ensure a smooth and easy introduction;
  • 1 side and 1  lateral holes at the distal tip;
  • A tight lid on the neck protects against accidental spills of fluid;
  • Convenient scale on the bag to determine the volume of injected solution;
  • Connecting tube length 1.5 m, O.D. 6.5 mm, I.D. 4.9 mm;
  • Sterile (ethylene oxide), for single use only;
  • Packing: shipping box (30 pcs).

Available Configurations

Ref. No.:Value, mlLock typeQty.Cs:
0316-М100-011500With roller clamp30
0316-М100-021750With locking mechanism30
0316-М100-032000With roller clamp30
0316-М100-041500With locking mechanism30
0316-М100-051750With roller clamp30
0316-М100-062000With locking mechanism30
0316-М100-071500With slide clamp30
0316-М100-081750With slide clamp30

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