Medical Products and Supplies

Umbilical Catheters

  • •  Sizes: 5,6,8 Fr
  • •  Length: 500mm

Umbilical catheters are an essential tool in the field of neonatology and are used in intensive care units to provide venous access to critically ill newborns. These catheters are inserted into the umbilical vessel, allowing medical professionals to monitor and administer fluids and medications directly into the bloodstream.

Product Features

  • Made from non-toxic, medical grade PVC
  • Catheter length - 500mm
  • Gradation with a 50mm step
  • Side hole throughout the length of the product
  • Color-coded connector depending on size
  • Do not contain latex or phthalates
  • Radio opaque line is provided for X-ray visualisation.
  • Sterile, pyrogen-free, for single-use.
  • Smooth round tip for atraumatic insertion and well-finished surface facilitate smooth passage in the vein
  • Proximal end provided with Luer female connecter for easy connection to the I.V. therapy equipment

Available Configurations

Ref. No.:Size:Hub color:Qty.Cs:
GCD3010545 Fr/ ChGray500
GCD3010566 Fr/ChOrange500

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