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Titanium Implantable Port system

  • •  Standard, Low Profile, Micro
  • •  Catheter length: 700 mm

Plastic (polyoxymethylene) port systems are very light and they offer the advantage of minimal artefact formation using diagnostic methods such as magnetic resonance imaging.

Product Features

  • Available depending on the age and weight of the patient in three models: Standard, Low Profile and Micro
  • Low Profile design for easy port placement and patient comfort;
  • The Micro port is used for optimal port implantation in children and underweight patients;
  • Fully radiopaque, compatible with CT-scan and MRI-scan examinations (сompatible with MRI under certain conditions);
  • Full titanium construction and 3 seam holes at the base of the port prevent any movement of the product;
  • The port is equipped with a dense sealed silicone membrane;
  • The injection zone can withstand up to 1000 punctures (for a Micro port - up to 500);
  • Stable fixation of the Huber needle due to the pressure exerted on the silicone membrane by titanium components;
  • Supplied with silicone catheter with atraumatic open tip;
  • Titanium screw-on sleeve ensures secure connection of the catheter to the port chamber;
  • Does not contain latex, phthalates or PVC.
Implantable Port system placement

Available Configurations

RefType of portPort size, mmSeptum, mmCatheter size, FrCatheter length, mmPort Inner volume, mlFlow rate, ml/min
0205-МVLPT-06Low Profile21.30×24.75×9.810.267000.36132729
0205-МVLPT-07Low Profile21.30×24.75×9.810.277000.36132729
0205-МVLPT-7.8Low Profile21.30×24.75×9.810.27.87000.36132729
0205-МVLPT-9.6Low Profile21.30×24.75×9.810.29.67000.36132729
0205-МVMT-4.5Micro14.45×17.90 ×8.884.57000.22131010.5
0205-МVMT-06Micro14.45×17.90 ×8.8867000.22132729

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