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PVC Infusion Extension Lines. Lightproof

  • •  2 modifications
  • •  Length: 10-300 mm

Lightproof Extension Infusion Lines are used to lengthen the infusion line, in cases where the standard length is not enough and designed for the administration of chemotherapy.

Product Features

  • Transparent tubes allows to monitor the administered infusion.
  • Awailable modifications with built-in infusion filters (5.0, 1.2, 0.2 µm) for removing air, microorganisms, and solid particles from solutions in the infusion line.
  • Spiral model for infusions under high pressure using infusion pumps and compressors.
  • Modification with T-port for painless administration of medications.
  • Modification with flow regulator for infusion of drugs that require precise dosing.
  • Modifications with needleless connectors to ensure complete sealing and reduce the risk of catheter-associated infections.
  • Latex-free and phthalates-free.
  • Equipped with luer-lock connectors (male/female).
  • Breaking force: not less than 50 N.
  • Inner/outer tube diameter 3.0x4.1mm, 1.0x2.3mm.
  • Line length 10-300 cm.

Available Configurations

Lightproof Standard
Lightproof Standard
With filter
With filter
REFDescriptionLine length, cmQty in box
1416-M300LP-10Ø3.0*4.1 mm10100
1416-M300LP-30Ø3.0*4.1 mm30100
1416-M300LP-50Ø3.0*4.1 mm50100
1416-M300LP-80Ø3.0*4.1 mm80100
1416-M300LP-100Ø3.0*4.1 mm100100
1416-M300LP-150Ø3.0*4.1 mm150100
1416-M300LP-200Ø3.0*4.1 mm200100
1416-M300LP-250Ø3.0*4.1 mm250100
1416-M300LP-300Ø3.0*4.1 mm300100
1416-M400LP-10Ø1.0*2.3 mm10100
1416-M400LP-30Ø1.0*2.3 mm30100
1416-M400LP-50Ø1.0*2.3 mm50100
1416-M400LP-80Ø1.0*2.3 mm80100
1416-M400LP-100Ø1.0*2.3 mm100100
1416-M400LP-150Ø1.0*2.3 mm150100
1416-M400LP-200Ø1.0*2.3 mm200100
1416-M400LP-250Ø1.0*2.3 mm250100
1416-M400LP-300Ø1.0*2.3 mm300100
1416-M300LP-10F1.2With filter 1.2µm, Ø3.0*4.1 mm10100
1416-M300LP-30F1.2With filter 1.2µm, Ø3.0*4.1 mm30100
1416-M300LP-50F1.2With filter 1.2µm, Ø3.0*4.1 mm50100
1416-M300LP-80F1.2With filter 1.2µm, Ø3.0*4.1 mm80100
1416-M300LP-100F1.2With filter 1.2µm, Ø3.0*4.1 mm100100
1416-M300LP-150F1.2With filter 1.2µm, Ø3.0*4.1 mm15050
1416-M300LP-200F1.2With filter 1.2µm, Ø3.0*4.1 mm20050
1416-M300LP-10F0.2With filter 0.2µm, Ø3.0*4.1 mm10100
1416-M300LP-30F0.2With filter 0.2µm, Ø3.0*4.1 mm30100
1416-M300LP-50F0.2With filter 0.2µm, Ø3.0*4.1 mm50100
1416-M300LP-80F0.2With filter 0.2µm, Ø3.0*4.1 mm80100
1416-M300LP-100F0.2With filter 0.2µm, Ø3.0*4.1 mm100100
1416-M300LP-150F0.2With filter 0.2µm, Ø3.0*4.1 mm15050
1416-M300LP-200F0.2With filter 0.2µm, Ø3.0*4.1 mm20050
1416-M300LP-300F0.2With filter 0.2µm, Ø3.0*4.1 mm30050
1416-M300LP-10F5.0With filter 5.0µm, Ø3.0*4.1 mm10100
1416-M300LP-30F5.0With filter 5.0µm, Ø3.0*4.1 mm30100
1416-M300LP-50F5.0With filter 5.0µm, Ø3.0*4.1 mm50100
1416-M300LP-80F5.0With filter 5.0µm, Ø3.0*4.1 mm80100
1416-M300LP-100F5.0With filter 5.0µm, Ø3.0*4.1 mm100100
1416-M300LP-150F5.0With filter 5.0µm, Ø3.0*4.1 mm15050
1416-M300LP-200F5.0With filter 5.0µm, Ø3.0*4.1 mm20050
1416-M400LP-10F1.2With filter 1.2µm, Ø1.0*2.3 mm10100
1416-M400LP-30F1.2With filter 1.2µm, Ø1.0*2.3 mm30100
1416-M400LP-50F1.2With filter 1.2µm, Ø1.0*2.3 mm50100
1416-M400LP-80F1.2With filter 1.2µm, Ø1.0*2.3 mm80100
1416-M400LP-100F1.2With filter 1.2µm, Ø1.0*2.3 mm100100
1416-M400LP-150F1.2With filter 1.2µm, Ø1.0*2.3 mm150100
1416-M400LP-200F1.2With filter 1.2µm, Ø1.0*2.3 mm20050
1416-M400LP-300F1.2With filter 1.2µm, Ø1.0*2.3 mm30050
1416-M400LP-10F0.2With filter 0.2µm, Ø1.0*2.3 mm10100
1416-M400LP-30F0.2With filter 0.2µm, Ø1.0*2.3 mm30100
1416-M400LP-50F0.2With filter 0.2µm, Ø1.0*2.3 mm50100
1416-M400LP-80F0.2With filter 0.2µm, Ø1.0*2.3 mm80100
1416-M400LP-100F0.2With filter 0.2µm, Ø1.0*2.3 mm100100
1416-M400LP-150F0.2With filter 0.2µm, Ø1.0*2.3 mm150100
1416-M400LP-200F0.2With filter 0.2µm, Ø1.0*2.3 mm20050
1416-M400LP-300F0.2With filter 0.2µm, Ø1.0*2.3 mm30050
1416-M400LP-10F5.0With filter 5.0µm, Ø1.0*2.3 mm10100
1416-M400LP-30F5.0With filter 5.0µm, Ø1.0*2.3 mm30100
1416-M400LP-50F5.0With filter 5.0µm, Ø1.0*2.3 mm50100
1416-M400LP-80F5.0With filter 5.0µm, Ø1.0*2.3 mm80100
1416-M400LP-100F5.0With filter 5.0µm, Ø1.0*2.3 mm100100
1416-M400LP-150F5.0With filter 5.0µm, Ø1.0*2.3 mm150100
1416-M400LP-200F5.0With filter 5.0µm, Ø1.0*2.3 mm20050
1416-M400LP-300F5.0With filter 5.0µm, Ø1.0*2.3 mm30050

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