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Infusion manifolds

  • •  1-3 Side Ports
  • •  Up to 500psi (34bar)

Used for connection, infusion and pathway switching in pressure monitoring tubing during intervention surgery.

Product Features

  • TPE-over-molding provides soft touch handle.
  • Pressure rating up to 500psi (34bar).
  • Smooth rotation with extended handle and low torque.
  • Resistant to the effects of pharmaceuticals.
  • Resistant against pharmaceuticals with previously unattained degree of transparency.
  • Resistance against stress cracking resulting from exposure to infusion solutions, drugs and alcohol-based disinfectants.
  • Protection against the danger of unnoticed cracks, air infusion and leakage.
  • Reliable, secure system connection with rotation of the connected stopcock unit on its own axis.

Available Configurations

Catalogue No.PressureSide PortValve TypeExtension Tubing

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