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Scalp Vein Sets. Vacuum Needle Holder

  • •  Size range: 19-27G
  • •  Safety type

Equipped with a high quality needle and self-sheathing luer adapter for multiple samples, the safety device can be activated in-vein and with one hand – bringing an easy, efficient, and secure blood collection.

Product Features

  • Delicately-designed needle-point with features of shapness, smooth puncture, less damage.
  • The blood collection holder fits common blood collection tubes and all common blood collection needles.
  • Luer adapter for attaching to any model of a vacuum container for blood collection with a holder.
  • To the tissue, less painful feeling to the patient.
  • With soft wings for the convenience of flxation.
  • With large I.D and high flow.
  • Size distinguished by the wing’s color for the clear recongnition.

Available Configurations

Ref. No.: Gauge, G Color: Needle length, mm Tube length, cm Qty in box
0602-M519-27 27 Grey 19 30 1/100/2000
0602-M519-25 25 Brown 19 30 1/100/2000
0602-M519-24 24 Orange 19 30 1/100/2000
0602-M519-23 23 Purple 19 30 1/100/2000
0602-M519-22 22 Blue 19 30 1/100/2000
0602-M519-21 21 Green 19 30 1/100/2000
0602-M519-20 20 Yellow 19 30 1/100/2000
0602-M519-19 19 Cream 19 30 1/100/2000

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