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Scalp Vein Sets. Safety type

  • •  Size range: 19-27G
  • •  Luer-lock connector

Designed to provide quick venousaccess and better patient comfort during long term infusion. It is designed with a safety sheath which is manually activated over the needle following removal from the patient. The needle is fully enclosed within the sheath when activated to prevent the risk of needlestick injury.

Product Features

  • Delicately-designed needle-point with features of shapness, smooth puncture, less damage.
  • To the tissue, less painful feeling to the patient.
  • With soft wings for the convenience of flxation.
  • With large I.D and high flow.
  • Size distinguished by the wing’s color for the clear recongnition.

Available Configurations

Ref. No.:Gauge, GColor:Needle length, mmTube length, cmQty in box

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