Newborn ID bands. Pocket-typetype. Pink
Newborn ID bands. Pocket-typetype. Blue
Newborn ID bands. Pocket-typetype. White

Newborn ID set. Pocket-type bands

MEDEREN offers optimal and secure newborn identification solution. The best option for patient ID. Pocket-type bands offer the most sequre solution to implement a infants identification system in a hospital environment and feature a specially designed pocket which lock information card for information changing.

Sizes: blue, pink, whiteCategory: Patient identificationTags: Identification-set,ID-set.
  • important way to reduce infants safety risks
  • consists of 2 ID bands and bed identification medallion
  • comfortable to wear
  • premium quality
  • made from medical soft PVC material
  • solors: blue, pink, white
  • band and card includes information:
    • mother name
    • date of birth
    • time of birth
    • weight
    • growth
    • bed number

Available Configuration

Ref. No.:ColorQty./box
0256-M108-01blue100 / 1000
0256-M108-02pink100 / 1000
0256-M108-03white100 / 1000