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Silicone Resuscitators

  • •  Neonate, size 0
  • •  Pedicatric, size 1-2
  • •  Adult, size 3-6

The Silicone resuscitator is intended for pulmonary resuscitation for neonates through to adults.

Product Features

  • Silicone resuscitator (except mask, oxygen tubing and reservior bag) can be auoclaved repeatedly at 134 degree celsius.
  • It is semi-transparent and come with a pressure limitation valve for patient safety
  • A textured surface ensuring a firm grip and providing effective ventilation. Patient connector is 22/15mm.
  • 100% latex free.


  • Silicone mask, oxygen tubing, reservior bag.

Available Configurations

Ref. No.:SizeTypeQty.Cs:
0125-M810-043 (S)adult12
0125-M810-054 (M)adult12
0125-M810-065 (L)adult12
0125-M810-076 (XL)adult12

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