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Inflatable Anesthesia Face Masks

  • •  Sizes: 0-6
  • •  Color-coded ring
  • •  15mm and 22mm connection
  • •  Inflatable check valve

Air cushion face masks which incorporate a flexible dome to ensure maximum patient comfort and a gas-tight, low pressure seal. All sizes include an inflation port providing a customized fit and increases comfort

Product Features

  • Administration of gases coming through a breathing circuit from an anesthesia gas machine or mechanical ventilator, or being delivered by a resuscitation bag, to the nose and mouth of the patient.
  • Inflatable cushion and rounded edges offer optimal comfort.
  • Round design and six sizes fit nearly every patient.
  • 15mm and 22mm connection complies with ISO 5356-1 standard.
  • Equipped with inflatable check valve and color-coded hook ring.
  • Facial contoured design, providing effective and perfect seal.
  • Clear and transparent mask.
  • Available in many sizes from neonatal to adult sizes.

Available Configurations

Ref. No.:TypeSize:Color code:Connector:
0115-М130-02Child standard222М
0115-М130-03Small adult322М
0115-М130-04Medium adult422М
0115-М130-05Large adult522М
0115-М130-06Ultra adult622М

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