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Tracheostomy Masks (Helix connector)

  • •  Adult and Pediatric
  • •  22-mm swivel adapter
  • •  with extension line

Mederen tracheostomy mask designed for adults and childrens that incorporate several patient features, including Helix connector, strap clips and comfortable neckband.

Product Features

  • Size avaiable: Adult, Pediatric, Adult with extension line, Pediatric with extension line.
  • Made of Medical grade PVC.
  • Flexible plastic mask with elastic head strap.
  • With 360 angle rotation connector. Permits access from either side of patient.
  • Excellent compatible with corrugated tubing &other connection device.
  • Special strap clips allow mask to be removed with minimal disturbance to patient.
  • Neckband made from comfortable, nonbiting material.
  • Packed in individual PE bag.
  • 50pcs/ctn or 100pcs/ctn.

Available Configurations

Ref. No.:Size:Qty.Cs:
103M101703Adult with extension line100
103M101704Pediatric with extension line100

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