Parker Flex-it Stylet
Parker Flex-it Stylet
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Parker Flex-it Stylet-R

The Parker Flex-It Stylet-R can be used for nasal, as well as oral, intubation, and does not require a fixed curvature throughout the intubation. Easy thumb action allows tube curvature to be continuously varied from outside the mouth during the intubation to enable the tube to follow the curvature of the airway.

Ref. No.: Sizes: for tubes I.D. (5.0-8.0)Category: Airway AccessoriesTags: stilet,parker.

Product Features

  • The Parker Flex-it articulating stylet is suitable for oral and nasal use.
  • The curvature may be selected and fixed before intubation, or controlled by easy thumb action during intubation.
  • The unique design is for quick, accurate and gentle intubation.

Available Configuration

Ref. No.:Size:Color code:
0125-М182-605.5-6.0Dark Blue
0125-М182-706.5-7.0Light Green
0125-М182-807.5-8.0Dar Blue