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Closed Suction System «FoolProofMulti»

  • •  Adult and Pediatric
  • •  Endotracheal or Tracheostomy

Multi-Access Port Closed Suction System features a compact rotating manifold that provides multiple ports to access the patient’s airway, without jeopardizing integrity of the closed circuit. A closed circuit helps you protect your patient from cross-contamination, VAE and VAP.

Product Features

The «FoolProofMulti»  closed aspiration system is made from high-quality transparent material that allows for visual monitoring of the aspiration process. The system consists of Replaceable Suction Catheter  with a soft protective cover and compact Dual-Channel Switching Manifold that provides multiple ports for access to the patient's airway without compromising the integrity of the closed circuit.

  • Rotating manifold, locking into place with a click for reassurance that circuit remains sealed.
  • Clinicians can perform suctioning and other procedures such as bronchoalveolar lavage, bronchoscopy, or MDI drug delivery, while maintaining a closed vent circuit as recommended to help prevent VAP.
  • Catheter that locks into separate port, staying connected and clean.
  • Turbulent cleansing chamber, for a cleaner catheter.
  • Single-use seal cassette maintains PEEP during insertion of sampling catheter or other devices.
  • Sleeve tether prevents over-retraction of catheter.
  • Reliable protection against accidental vacuum activation with a special locking button.
  • The system is sterile and for single use.
  • Latex-free to minimize the risk of allergic reactions.
  • Freely rotating connectors with a double ball-and-socket design prevent twisting of the breathing tubes.
  • The FoolProof closed suction system comes with a corrugated connector that provides additional flexibility to the breathing circuit.
  • Comes with 7 different colored stickers to mark the day of removal or replacement of the system.
  • The system size can be easily identified by the color-coded vacuum control button.
  • System has a locking access valve to the patient, allowing for completely sealed conditions during catheter suctioning.

Available Configurations

REF. Full suction system with manifoldREF. Replaceable Suction CatheterSize, FrMDI portUsage MAX timeLengthColor code
Endotracheal type
0121-M372E-10M0121-M372E-1010+72 hour59,5 cm
0121-M372E-12M0121-M372E-1212+72 hour59,5 cm
0121-M372E-14M0121-M372E-1414+72 hour59,5 cm
0121-M372E-16M0121-M372E-1616+72 hour59,5 cm
Tracheostomy type
0121-M372T-10M0121-M372T-1010+72 hour36 cm
0121-M372T-12M0121-M372T-1212+72 hour36 cm
0121-M372T-14M0121-M372T-1414+72 hour36 cm
0121-M372T-16M0121-M372T-1616+72 hour36 cm

Guide for Trach/Suction Catheter Sizing

Suction catheter sizeTracheal tube size
5 Fr2.0, 2.5. 3.0
6 Fr2.5, 3.0, 3.5
7 Fr3.0, 3.5, 4.0
8 Fr3.5 Fr, 4.0 Fr, 4.5 Fr, 5 Fr
10 Fr5 Fr, 5.5 Fr, 6.0 Fr, 6.5 Fr
12Fr6.0 Fr, 6.5 Fr, 7.0 Fr, 7.5 Fr
14 Fr6.5 Fr, 7.0 Fr 7.5 Fr, 8.0 Fr
16 Fr8.0 Fr, 8.5 Fr, 9.0 Fr, 9.0 Fr, 10.0 Fr
Note! Do not use a suction catheter larger than 2/3 of the internal diameter of the tracheal tube.

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