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Mucus extractor

  • •  Capacity: 25 ml
  • •  Sizes: 6-18 Fr
  • •  Length: 400 mm

Device for aspiration of mucus congesting the upper airways of the newborn or for suctioning tracheal / bronchial secretions (of newborns, children and adults) which will be analysed in laboratory.

Product Features

  • Suitable for obtaining mucus specimen for microbiological examination.
  • Also suitable for aspiration of secretion from Oropharynx of new born babies to ensure free respiration.
  • Clear and transparent container allowing visual examination of mucus specimen.
  • –°lear markings for quick volume detection.
  • Tubings are made from soft, kink-resistant material.
  • Extra lid ensures safe sealing of the specimen container, preventing environmental exposure of the content which results to cross-contamination.
  • Universal plain funnel connector for easy connection.
How to use

Available Configurations

REFSize(Fr)Length, mmColor codeQty in box
0615-M200-06640010 / 200
0615-M200-08840010 / 200
0615-M200-101040010 / 200
0615-M200-121240010 / 200
0615-M200-141440010 / 200
0615-M200-161640010 / 200
0615-M200-181840010 / 200

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