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Closed Suction System «Smart Line»

  • •  Adult: for 24 h and 72 h
  • •  Pediatric: for 24 h

Closed suction systems are available for 24 hour or 72 hour usage depending on patient requirements. There are two length options to allow attachment to either endotracheal (54 cm) or tracheostomy (30.5 cm) tubes.

Product Features

«Smart Line» Suction System equipped with catheter that retracts within a unique and isolated turbulent cleaning chamber. The turbulent cleansing action results in an 90% cleaner catheter tip compared to a standard closed suction system. This reduced colonisation may help reduce risk of VAE and VAP in your ventilated patients.

  • Reliable protection against accidental vacuum activation with a special locking button.
  • The system is sterile and for single use.
  • Latex-free to minimize the risk of allergic reactions.
  • Freely rotating connectors with a double ball-and-socket design prevent twisting of the breathing tubes.
  • The FoolProof closed suction system comes with a corrugated connector that provides additional flexibility to the breathing circuit.
  • Comes with 7 different colored stickers to mark the day of removal or replacement of the system.
  • The system size can be easily identified by the color-coded vacuum control button.
  • The 72-hour closed suction system has a locking access valve to the patient, allowing for completely sealed conditions during catheter suctioning.
  • The pediatric closed suction system comes with Y-shaped connectors of different diameters.

Available Configurations

Adult Closed Suction System. 24 hour

Size, FrColor codeREFMDI portUsage MAX timeLength
Endotracheal type
100121-M124E-10+24 hour60 cm
120121-M124E-12+24 hour60 cm
140121-M124E-14+24 hour60 cm
160121-M124E-16+24 hour60 cm
Tracheostomy type
100121-M124T-10+24 hour30 cm
120121-M124T-12+24 hour30 cm
140121-M124T-14+24 hour30 cm
160121-M124T-16+24 hour30 cm

Adult Closed Suction System. 72 hour

Size, FrColor codeREFMDI portUsage MAX timeLength
Endotracheal type
100121-M172E-10+72 hour60 cm
120121-M172E-12+72 hour60 cm
140121-M172E-14+72 hour60 cm
160121-M172E-16+72 hour60 cm
Tracheostomy type
100121-M172T-10+72 hour30 cm
120121-M172T-12+72 hour30 cm
140121-M172T-14+72 hour30 cm
160121-M172T-16+72 hour30 cm

Pediatric Closed Suction System. 24 hour

Size, FrY-type connectorsColor codeREFMDI portUsage MAX timeLength
52.0/2.5 mm0121-M124P-05-24 hour30 cm
62.5/3.0/3.5 mm0121-M124P-06-24 hour30 cm
83.5/4.0/4.5 mm0121-M124P-08-24 hour30 cm

Guide for Trach/Suction Catheter Sizing

Suction catheter sizeTracheal tube size
5 Fr2.0, 2.5. 3.0
6 Fr2.5, 3.0, 3.5
7 Fr3.0, 3.5, 4.0
8 Fr3.5 Fr, 4.0 Fr, 4.5 Fr, 5 Fr
10 Fr5 Fr, 5.5 Fr, 6.0 Fr, 6.5 Fr
12Fr6.0 Fr, 6.5 Fr, 7.0 Fr, 7.5 Fr
14 Fr6.5 Fr, 7.0 Fr 7.5 Fr, 8.0 Fr
16 Fr8.0 Fr, 8.5 Fr, 9.0 Fr, 9.0 Fr, 10.0 Fr
Note! Do not use a suction catheter larger than 2/3 of the internal diameter of the tracheal tube.

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