Air Cushion Mask

Air Cushion Mask

Air cushion face masks which incorporate a flexible dome to ensure maximum patient comfort and a gas-tight, low pressure seal. All sizes include an inflation port providing a customized fit and increases comfort

Ref. No.: Sizes: Neonate - Ultra adultCategory: Face masksTags: mask,cushion.

Product Features

  •  Administration of gases coming through a breathing circuit from an anesthesia gas machine or mechanical ventilator, or being delivered by a resuscitation bag, to the nose and mouth of the patient.
  • Material PVC, HDPE for hook.
  • Available in six sizes: neonatal, infant, pediatric, child, small adult, large adult.
  •  Allows for easy and quick identification of mask size.
  •  Allows continuous visualization and assessment of patient.
  • Standard 22 mm and 15 mm connections: meets ISO Standards.

Available Configuration

Ref. No.:TypeColor code:Qty.Cs:
GCR104531Child standardWhite50
GCR104530Small adultGreen50
GCR104529Medium adultYellow50
GCR104528Large adultRed50
GCR104527Ultra adultBlack50