Endotracheal Tube with suction lumen

Endotracheal Tube with suction lumen

This product can do continuous suciton of subglottic secretions, reducing the clinical effect of exogenous infection and sedimentary incidence of pneumonia. Integral suction lumen can help avoid hurting vocal cord compared with ordinary suction catheter.

Ref. No.: Sizes: I.D. (6.0-9.0)Category: Endotracheal TubesTags: tube,uncuffed,cuffed,suction lumen.

Product Features

  • Made of clear, medical grade PVC
  • Oral/nasal
  • High volume, low pressure cuff
  • Smooth Murphy eye
  • Pilot ballon
  • Valve for luer-lock syringe tips
  • Semi-seated 15mm standard connector
  • X-ray opaque line throughout the length of the tube
  • With suction lumen for cleaning the surface of the cuff
  • Latex free
  • PHT free
  • Single use

Available Configuration

Ref. No.: ID, mm
(internal ⌀)
OD, mm
(external ⌀)
Length, cm Color code Qty
(midbox / box)
0125-М130-606,09,02810 / 100
0125-М130-656,59,82910 / 100
0125-М130-707,010,43010 / 100
0125-М130-757,511,23110 / 100
0125-М130-808,011,83210 / 100
0125-М130-858,512,63210 / 100
0125-М130-909,013,13210 / 100