3-Way Stopcock with Extension Tube MEDEREN

3-Way Stopcock with Extension Tube

Three-way stop cock with extension tube is to be used with any of the various infusion or transfusion devices in order to allow for attachment with any special or general purpose medical device, in order to improve ease of use also to provide an alternative channel for introduction of medicine to the patient.

Ref. No.: Sizes: 18G needleCategory: IV componentsTags: luer-lock.

Product features

  • Transparent Polycarbonate body allows easy observation of flow
  • High quality kink-resistant tubing (10-30 cm) with smooth inner surfaces for laminar, non-turbulent flow.
  • Three arm polyethylene (HDPE) handle allows for smooth movement to change fluid direction for facilitating smooth and easy operations.
  • Minimum residual fluid volume.
  • No leakage under normal pressure Endurance pressure up to 5 bars
  • Built-in 3 way stopcock. Fitted with male luer lock at one end & three way stopcock at the other.
  • Sterile, Single use and Non Pyrogenic

Available Configuration

Ref. No.:Length of line, mm: