Disposable Spinal Needles (Quinke Type)
Disposable Spinal Needle (Quinke Type)
Disposable Spinal Needle (Quinke Type) with guide
Spinal Needle Needle hub: made of medical grade transparent PP for clearness of flashback
Disposable Spinal Needle (Quinke Type)
Spinal Needle Quinke Type tip

Disposable Spinal Needle (Quinke Type)

Used for diagnostic sampling of cerebrospinal fluid and for the introduction of contrast medium for myelography.

Ref. No.: Sizes: Length: 90mmCategory: Regional anesthesia needles and cathetersTags: Quinke Type,needles.

Product Features

  • Сolor coded hub by size for clear recognition.
  • Used in subarachnoid puncture for spinal anesthesia
  • Completely transparent needles stand provides convenience to observe the outflow of the cerebrospinal fluid.
  • The needle core with pin allows a good joint of needle edge.
  • Sterilized by EO gas, sterile, non-toxic, non-pyrogenic ,single use only.
  • High quality stainless steel.
  • larger inner diameter, high flow rate.
  • Needle bevel enables smooth, sharpness maximize, patient comfort.
  • Needle hub: made of medical grade transparent PP for clearness of flashback.

Available Configuration

Ref. No.:Size, GØ, mmLength, mmLength, inchColor codeGuide sizeQty.Cs:
Q187518G1.25753” rose_1/100/1000
Q189018G1.25903½” rose_1/100/1000
Q199019G1.1903½” cream_1/100/1000
Q207520G0.9753” yellow_1/100/1000
Q209020G0.9903½” yellow_1/100/1000
Q219021G0.8903” dark green_1/100/1000
Q224022G0.7401½” black_1/100/1000
Q227522G0.7753” black_1/100/1000
Q229022G0.7903½” Чёрный_1/100/1000
Q2212022G0.71204¾” black_1/100/1000
Q239023G0.6903½” dark blue_1/100/1000
Q249024G0.55903½” light violet_1/100/1000
Q257525G0.5753” orange_1/100/1000
Q259025G0.5903½” orange_1/100/1000
Q269026G0.45903½” brown_1/100/1000
Q279027G0.4903½” light grey_1/100/1000
Q299029G0.33903½” red_1/100/1000
Q2590G25G0.5903½” orange20G×1⅓”1/100/1000
Q25103G25G0.51034” orange20G×1⅓”1/100/1000
Q25120G25G0.51204” orange20G×1⅓”1/100/1000
Q2690G26G0.45903½” brown21G×1⅓”1/100/1000
Q26103G26G0.451034” brown21G×1⅓”1/100/1000
Q26120G26G0.451204 ¾” brown21G×1⅓”1/100/1000
Q2790G27G0.4903 ½” light grey21G×1⅓”1/100/1000
Q27103G27G0.41034” light grey21G×1⅓”1/100/1000
Q27120G27G0.41204 ¾” light grey21G×1⅓”1/100/1000
Q2990G29G0.33903 ½” red22G×1⅓”1/100/1000
Q29120G29G0.331204 ¾” red22G×1⅓”1/100/1000