Auto-disable (AD) syringes MEDEREN

Auto-disable (AD) syringes

MEDEREN AD syringe is a single-use, disposable, auto-disable syringe with a safety plunger that breaks off after a single use. It protects both medical staff and patient from possible hazards.

Ref. No.: Sizes: 40, 100mlCategory: Needles & SyringesTags: 3-part.

Product features

  • Main structure of sterile auto disable syringe for single use: RPF, barrel, plunger, piston and its barrel and piston are in interference fit, so as to make sure of seal.
  • RPF: Such syringe has been in a design that RPF will start all by itself just it has been used in order to prevent if from reusing.
  • Barrel of the auto disable syringe is transparent to observe solution and read its measure through surveyor’s rod graduation on it. And its top is designed as RPF area.
  • Both barrel and plunger of the auto disable syringe are made from biomedical polymer material whose biocompatibility conforms to standards.
  • Model of auto disable syringe: luer slip, luer lock.

Available Configuration

Ref. No.:Size:Graduation:Packing:
GCH200104U-4029 G×½´´100 PCS / Box
GCH200105U-4030 G×½´´100 PCS / Box
GCH200101U-10029 G×½´´100 PCS / Box
GCH200103U-10030 G×½´´100 PCS / Box