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I.V. Transfusion Set with Airvent

  • •  18G needle

Blood Transfusion set are utilized to treat blood misfortune or to supply blood segments that your body can’t make for itself.

Product Features

  • Strong, sleek and sharp spike with airvent to puncture blood bag outlets.
  • Drip chamber with filter mesh to keep out blood clots from entering the patient’s circulation.
  • Regulator clamp to control transfusion rate.
  • Kink resistant, soft, PVC tubing.
  • Latex bulb to administer medication.
  • Single-drip chamber.
  • With hypodermic needle (18G x 1.518”)
  • Luer-lock.
  • Disposable, sterile and non-pyrogenic.

Available Configurations

Ref. No. Needle SizeTubing  Length (cm.)Qty. in carton Inner/ Outer

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