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Infusion Plug Caps

  • •  Closed caps
  • •  Injection caps

Infusion plugs are used to maintain sterility and prevent leakage of the contents of syringes, ports of vascular catheters, connectors of infusion systems.

Product Features

  • Available closed caps and  injection types modifications with an injection membrane to enable the introduction of drugs with a needle without removing the plug.
  • No latex to eliminate the risk of allergic reactions.
  • Smooth surface of plugs for easy disinfection.
  • Male and female Luer Lock plug models for use with syringes and infusion devices.

Available Configurations

REFDescriptionQty in box
1416-M200-01Luer-Lock with inner and outer thread, red100
1416-M200-02Luer-Lock with inner and outer thread, blue100
1416-M200-03Injection type, yellow100
1416-M200-04Injection type, transparent100

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