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Spinal Needles. Atrau type tip

  • •  Sizes: 25,26 G
  • •  Length: 50-100 mm
  • •  Сolor coded hub

Needle with multi-angle grinded tip with special bending. Extra thin wall. Atraumatic. Provides minimum loss of CSF.

Product Features

  • Sizes: 25G, 26G. Length: 50, 90, 100 mm
  • Сolor coded hub by size for clear recognition.
  • Used in subarachnoid puncture for spinal anesthesia
  • Completely transparent needles stand provides convenience to observe the outflow of the cerebrospinal fluid.
  • The needle core with pin allows a good joint of needle edge.
  • Sterilized by EO gas, sterile, non-toxic, non-pyrogenic ,single use only.
  • High quality stainless steel.
  • larger inner diameter, high flow rate.
  • Needle bevel enables smooth, sharpness maximize, patient comfort.
  • Range includes spinal needles with short guide needle for puncturing dense tissue and for insertion of the spinal needle in the required direction.
  • Needle hub: made of medical grade transparent PP for clearness of flashback.

Available Configurations

Ref. No.:Size, GØ, mmLength, mmLength, inchColor codeGuide sizeQty.Cs:
A2590G25G0.5903½” orange20G×1⅓”1/100/1000
A25100G25G0.51004” orange20G×1⅓”1/100/1000
A2688G26G0.45883½” brown21G×1⅓”1/100/1000
A26100G26G0.51004” orange21G×1⅓”1/100/1000
A265026G0.45502” brown1/100/1000

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