Medical Products and Supplies

Irrigation Needles

  • •  14-31G
  • •  Size color coded

Luer-Lock connection. Designed for irrigating, cleansing pocket holes, canals, pockets, and fistulas

Product Features

  • Make of high quality stainless steel
  • Blunt end, soft needle, straight or pre-bent tips resists crimping.
  • Universal luer lockstyle hub.
  • Extended 3/4" length to reach pockets, fistulas and surgical sites.
  • Different color Hub to identify defferent gauge.
  • Sterilized by EO, non-toxic,non-progenic.

Available Configurations

Ref. No.:O.D(MM):Gauge:Color:
GCH0102140.2531 GBlue
GCH0102150.3030 GLight-yellow
GCH0102160.3329 GRed
GCH0102170.3628 GBlue-green
GCH0102010.4027 GGrey
GCH0102020.4526 GBrown
GCH0102030.5025 GOrange
GCH0102040.5524 GPurple
GCH0102050.6023 GBlue
GCH0102060.7022 GBlack
GCH0102070.8021 GGreen
GCH0102080.9020 GYellow
GCH0102101.1019 GCream
GCH0102091.2018 GPink
GCH0102111.6016 GWhite
GCH0102121.8015 GBlue-grey
GCH0102132.1014 GPale green

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