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Intravenous Catheters with wings, without injection port

  • •  Sizes 14-26G

Designed for a painfree and smooth penetration. The wings allow easy fixation on the skin. The needle cover protects the needle from getting damaged and the nonflow back valve prevents leakage. Each size has a different colour code for the users convenience.

Product Features

  • Siliconized, Ultra sharp, Stainless Steel, back-cut needle to perform easy and painless venipuncture.
  • Catheter Đ°vailable in FEP or PTFE material. Siliconised with proprietary technology ensuring smooth surface and minimal discomfort for both patient and clinician.
  • Large flashback Chamber allows quick visualization for successful venipuncture.
  • The flexible wings facilitate secure fixation, without the need to immobilize the limb, thus aim to reduce catheter movement relative to the vessel, which is major factor in development of phlebitis.
  • Sterile, single use.

Available Configurations

SizeColor codeCatheter O.D.mmCatheter Length mmFlow Rate (ml/mnt)Box Qty (inner/outer)

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