Disposable Atraumatic Spinal Needles (Pencil point)
Disposable Atraumatic Spinal Needle (Pencil point)
Disposable Atraumatic Spinal Needle (Pencil point) with guide
Spinal Needle transparent pavilion
Spinal Needle pencil-point atraumativ tip

Disposable Spinal Needle (Pencil point)

Used for diagnostic sampling of cerebrospinal fluid and for the introduction of contrast medium for myelography.

Ref. No.: Sizes: 22-29G. Length: 90mmCategory: Regional anesthesia needles and cathetersTags: Pencil point,needles,atraumatic.

Product Features

  • Specially designed needlepoint shape causes no trauma of spinal dura mater, and sutomatically closes the puncture port after withdrawal of the needle to reduce the leak of cerebrospinal fluid, with the occurrence of PDPH evidently declined.
  • Proper shape and position of the side hole maintains adequate flow and reduces imperfect retardations as well.

Available Configuration

Ref. No.:Size, GØ, mmLength, mmLength, inchColor codeGuide sizeQty.Cs:
P229022G0.9903½” yellow1/100/1000
P239023G0.6903½” dark blue1/100/1000
P249024G0.55903½” light violet1/100/1000
P259025G0.50903½” orange1/100/1000
P269026G0.45903½” brown1/100/1000
P279027G0.4903½” light grey1/100/1000
P299029G0.33903½” red1/100/1000
P2290G22G0.9903½” yellow18G×1⅓”1/100/1000
P2590G25G0.5903½” orange20G×1⅓”1/100/1000
P25103G25G0.51034” orange20G×1⅓”1/100/1000
P25120G25G0.51204” orange20G×1⅓”1/100/1000
P2690G26G0.45903½” brown21G×1⅓”1/100/1000
P26103G26G0.451034” brown21G×1⅓”1/100/1000
P26120G26G0.451204¾” brown21G×1⅓”1/100/1000
P2790G27G0.4903½” light grey21G×1⅓”1/100/1000
P27103G27G0.41034” light grey21G×1⅓”1/100/1000
P2990G29G0.33903½” red22G×1⅓”1/100/1000
P29120G29G0.331204¾” red22G×1⅓”1/100/1000