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Spinal Needle. Pencil‑Point type tip

  • •  Sizes: 22-29G
  • •  Length: 90-120 mm
  • •  Models with guide needle

The pencil point spinal needle has an essential advantage over the quincke point spinal needle. It is safer for the patient and user because this needle has a lateral hole through which the anesthetic is delivered into the spinal space.

Product Features

  • Material of needle and stylet: stainless steel.
  • Material of hub: transparent ABS plastic.
  • Diameters: 22, 23, 25, 26, 27, 29 G.
  • Spinal needles are used for lumbar puncture for spinal anaesthesia.
  • Conical needle tip with no sharp edges enables atraumatic puncture of the dura and minimises the risk of post-spinal headache.
  • Lateral outlet opening offers targeted anaesthetic introduction (45° angle).
  • Special needle design with lateral opening and fitted mandrel precludes the biopsy effect during puncture.
  • Spinal needle manufactured from high-quality steel, with a thin-walled cannula; the smooth needle surface enables easy and atraumatic puncture.
  • Needle hub is designed for ease of manipulation.
  • Mandrel grip is colour-coded according to needle size.
  • Transparent needle hub with magnifying effect enables quick detection of cerebrospinal fluid backflow and precise positioning of the needle tip.
  • Range includes spinal needles with short guide needle for puncturing dense tissue and for insertion of the spinal needle in the required direction.
  • Guide needle sizes: 20G×1⅓”, 21G×1⅓”, 22G×1⅓”.

Available Configurations

Ref. No.:Size, GØ, mmLength, mmLength, inchColor codeGuide sizeQty.Cs:
P229022G0.9903½” yellow1/100/1000
P239023G0.6903½” dark blue1/100/1000
P249024G0.55903½” light violet1/100/1000
P259025G0.50903½” orange1/100/1000
P269026G0.45903½” brown1/100/1000
P279027G0.4903½” light grey1/100/1000
P299029G0.33903½” red1/100/1000
P2290G22G0.9903½” yellow18G×1⅓”1/100/1000
P2590G25G0.5903½” orange20G×1⅓”1/100/1000
P25103G25G0.51034” orange20G×1⅓”1/100/1000
P25120G25G0.51204” orange20G×1⅓”1/100/1000
P2690G26G0.45903½” brown21G×1⅓”1/100/1000
P26103G26G0.451034” brown21G×1⅓”1/100/1000
P26120G26G0.451204¾” brown21G×1⅓”1/100/1000
P2790G27G0.4903½” light grey21G×1⅓”1/100/1000
P27103G27G0.41034” light grey21G×1⅓”1/100/1000
P2990G29G0.33903½” red22G×1⅓”1/100/1000
P29120G29G0.331204¾” red22G×1⅓”1/100/1000

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