Kehrs T-Tube silicone
Kehrs T-Tube pvc

Kehrs T-Tube

Specially designed tube for patient undergoing long term gastro intestinal feeding, aspiration and intestinal secretion.

Ref. No.: Sizes: 12-30 Fr/ChCategory: Suction catheters and kitsTags: drainages.

Product features

  • Raw material: natural latex, silicone coated.
  • Be used for the liquid exported of the operation of Cholecyst. Length : 20x40cm/ 1 5x30cm.

Available Configuration

Ref. No.:Size:Qty.Cs:
GCD3101212 Fr/Ch,15x30cm400
GCD3101414 Fr/Ch,15x30cm400
GCD3101616 Fr/Ch,15x30cm400
GCD3101818 Fr/Ch,15x30cm400
GCD3102020 Fr/Ch,15 x 30cm400
GCD3102222 Fr/Ch,15 x 30cm400
GCD3102424 Fr/Ch,15 x 30cm400
GCD3102626 Fr/Ch,15 x 30cm400
GCD3102828 Fr/Ch,15 x 30cm400
GCD3103030 Fr/Ch,15 x 30cm400