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Kehrs T-Tube

  • •  Sizes: 10-24 Fr/Ch
  • •  Latex or Silicone

Specially designed tube for patient undergoing long term gastro intestinal feeding, aspiration and intestinal secretion.

Product Features

  • Kehr’s “T” tube is used for short term post operative drainage of common bile duct.
  • Available in the sizes of 10-24 Fr.
  • Made of the highest quality 100% biocompatible and transparent silicone medical grade or medical grade Latex compound.
  • Radio opaque line provided throughout the tube for X-ray visualization.
  • Super smooth tube surface prevent clogging.
  • It is sterile, individually packed in peelable pouch pack.
Kehrs T-Tube use set

Available Configurations

REFTube sizeMaterialQty in box
0615-VKS10-5010 Fr, 18×50 cmSilicone1/20/200
0615-VKS14-5014 Fr, 18×50 cmSilicone1/20/200
0615-VKL12-4012 Fr, 20×40 cmLatex1/20/200
0615-VKL14-4014 Fr, 20×40 cmLatex1/20/200
0615-VKL16-4016 Fr, 20×40 cmLatex1/20/200
0615-VKL18-4018 Fr, 20×40 cmLatex1/20/200
0615-VKL20-4020 Fr, 20×40 cmLatex1/20/200
0615-VKL22-4022 Fr, 20×40 cmLatex1/20/200
0615-VKL24-4024 Fr, 20×40 cmLatex1/20/200

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