Medical Products and Supplies

Bedside Urine Bags

  • •  Standard 1000-2000ml
  • •  Plus 2000-4000ml
  • •  Pull-push, Twist amd T-valve

A sterile products for single use, for short and long term urine collection. All bags has specially designed connectors ridges helps to enable a secure connection with the catheter funnel. All bags has a clamps for clean single hand operation and allows efficient emptying of the bag.

Product Features

Urine Bag standard

  • Outlet type: pull-push valve, twist valve, T valve.
  • 2000ml, 1500ml, 1000ml are available.
  • With anti-reflux valve. Tubing length will be 90cm or 110cm.
  • Latex-free, packed sterile, for single use only.
  • MEDEREN brand or OEM available.
  • Front film: Transparence

Urine Bag Plus

  • Urine collection bag marked with ml. for accurate measurement of urine output
  • Outlet type: T valve.
  • 2000ml, 2500ml, 26000ml, 4000ml are available.
  • With anti-reflux valve. Tubing length  110cm.
  • Latex-free, packed sterile, for single use only.
  • Front film: Transparence
  • With anti-reflux device(three parts), with needle or needleless sample port.
  • With bed sheet clamp.
  • With reinforced double hanger and rope hanger, with T valve.
  • Latex-free, Packed sterile.
  • Four different types of sample port are available.

Urine Meter Drain Bag

  • Drain bag capacity: 2,500 ml or 2,600 ml
  • Meter features accurate 1 ml graduations up to 200 or 400 or 500 ml.
  • Air vent secures constant airflow through the system.
  • Bottom T-type outlets on the meter and bag allow emptying.
  • Non-return valve prevents urine from re-entering the Foley catheter.
  • Handy fixing straps and reinforced hanger for use on all bed types.
  • Needle-free sample port facilitates aseptic mid stream urine sampling and prevents contamination.
  • Kink resistant tubing ensures the unrestricted flow of urine.
  • Accurate chamber in 200 ml, 400 ml capacity available.

Available Configurations

Urine bag standard

Ref. No.:Tube Length:Capacity:Qty.Cs:

Urine bag Plus

Ref. No.:Tube Length:Capacity:Qty.Cs:

Urine meter drain bag with one chambers

Ref. No.:Tube Length:Capacity/Meter chamber capacity:Qty.Cs:
1604-M105-011202500/200 ml100
1604-M105-021502500/200 ml100
1604-M105-031202600/200 ml100
1604-M105-041502600/200 ml100
1604-M105-051202600/400 ml100
1604-M105-061502600/400 ml100
1604-M105-071202600/500 ml100
1604-M105-081502600/500 ml100

Urine meter drain bag with three chambers

Ref. No.:Tube Length:Capacity/Meter chamber capacity:Qty.Cs:
1604-M105-09120 ml2600/400 ml100
1604-M105-10150 ml2600/400 ml100
1604-M105-11120 ml2500/400 ml100
1604-M105-12150 ml2500/400 ml100

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