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Silicone Coated Latex Foley Catheters

  • •  2-way or 3-way 6-30 Fr/Ch
  • •  Standard 400 mm
  • •  Female 230 mm
  • •  Pediatric 270 mm

Mederen Foley Catheter is designed with an ultra smooth silicone coating that increases patient comfort,making it ideal for both short and long term use. It has been shown in studies that MEDEREN reduces urethral irritation, and can resist bacterial colonisation and encrustation.

Product Features

  • Symmetrical large capacity balloon ensuring a straight tip for proper flow and good sphincter action thus preventing bladder leakage.
  • Manufactured from natural rubber coated with silicone to eliminate the risk of encrustation.
  • Coned distal end provided with burr free eyes for atraumatic intubation.
  • Hard valve ensures easy inflation and deflation of balloon.
  • Colour coded for instant size identification.
  • Sterile, individually packed in peelable pack.
  • Balloon capacity: 3-50ml.
  • Length: 230-400mm.

Available Configurations

2-way standart Foley сatheter

Ref. No.:Balloon capacity:Size:Color:Qty.Cs:
1604-M212-125-15ML12 Fr / ChWhite400
1604-M212-145-15ML14 Fr / ChGreen400
1604-M212-1630ML16 Fr / ChOrange400
1604-M212-1830ML18 Fr / ChRed400
1604-M212-2030ML20 Fr / ChYellow400
1604-M212-2230ML22 Fr / ChViolet400
1604-M212-2430ML24 Fr / ChBlue400
1604-M212-2630ML26 Fr / ChPink400
1604-M212-2830ML28 Fr / ChBrown400
1604-M212-3030ML30 Fr / ChGrey400

2-way female Foley сatheter

Ref. No.:Balloon capacity:Size:Color:Qty.Cs:
1604-M213-125-15ML12 Fr / ChWhite400
1604-M213-1430ML14 Fr / ChGreen400
1604-M213-1630ML16 Fr / ChOrange400
1604-M213-1830ML18 Fr / ChRed400
1604-M213-2030ML20 Fr / ChYellow400
1604-M213-2230ML22 Fr / ChViolet400
1604-M213-2430ML24 Fr / ChBlue400

2-way pediatric Foley catheter

Ref. No.:Balloon capacity:Size:Length:Color:Qty.Cs:
1604-M211-063ML6 Fr270 MMRed400
1604-M211-083-5ML8 Fr270 MMBlack400
1604-M211-103-5ML10 Fr270 MMGrey400

2-way Foley Catheter Tiemann type

Ref. No.:Balloon capacity:Size:Color:Qty.Cs:
1604-M214-1430ML14 Fr / ChGreen400
1604-M214-1630ML16 Fr / ChOrange400
1604-M214-1830ML18 Fr / ChRed400
1604-M214-2030ML20 Fr / ChYellow400
1604-M214-2230ML22 Fr / ChViolet400
1604-M214-2430ML24 Fr / ChBlue400

3-way standart Foley Catheter

Ref. No.:Balloon capacity:Size:Color:Qty.Cs:
1604-M205-1630ML16 Fr / ChOrange400
1604-M205-1830ML18 Fr / ChRed400
1604-M205-2030ML20 Fr / ChYellow400
1604-M205-2230ML22 Fr / ChViolet400
1604-M205-2430ML24 Fr / ChBlue400
1604-M205-2630ML26 Fr / ChPink400
1604-M205-2830ML28 Fr / ChBrown400
1604-M205-3030ML30 Fr / ChGrey400

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