Multi-Vent Masks (Venturi Masks) MEDEREN
Elongated Multi-Vent Mask (Venturi Mask) MEDEREN
Standard Multi-Vent Mask (Venturi Mask) MEDEREN

Multi-Vent Mask (Venturi Mask)

Multi-vent (Venturi System) Air Entrainment Mask is a safe, simple method of delivery for variable concentrations of oxygen. MEDEREN offers standard and elongated aerosol multi-vent masks. Supplied with the color-coded low-concentration and medium-concentration diluters to find a flow setting, and the lock ring to keep that setting in place.

Ref. No.: Sizes: S-XLCategory: Oxygen masks and cannulasTags: mask,oxygen.
  • Made of transparent, non-toxic PVC
  • Latex-free
  • Adjustable nose metal plate and rubber fastening
  • Equipped with a 210cm (+/-5%) long tube with universal connectors
  • Tube with star cross-section, resistant to bending
  • With elastic strap
  • Equipped with 2 jets - white to set mid flow concentration (35%, 40% and 50%)and green to set low concentration (24%, 28% and 30%)
  • EO sterilized
  • For single-use only
  • Packaging: 1 pcs - PE bag, 100 pcs - CTP

Recommended rate as below:

FiO2 settingsEntrainment  ratio O2:AirMinimum oxygen flow, (L/min)Total oxygen flow, (L/min)

FiO2 — fraction of inspired oxygen concentration

Available Configuration

Ref. No.:Size:Type:Qty./box:
0115-M121-10Pediatric (S)standard100
0115-M121-20Pediatric Elongated (M)standard100
0115-M122-30Adult (L)elongated100
0115-M122-40Adult Elongated (XL)elongated100