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Nasal Cannulas

  • •  Standard tip, size S-L
  • •  Soft Tip, size XS-L

For patients requiring medium-low concentrations of oxygen. Over-the-ear design maintains proper positioning of nasal tips while allowing for complete freedom of movement.

Product Features

  • Delivers safe, low/moderate concentrations of oxygen for extended periods of time.
  • The soft nasal part of the anatomical shape reduces the risk of damage to the mucosa.
  • Comes with kink-resistant supply tubing.
  • Comfortable feeling.
  • Oxygen Connecting Tube: 7-ft long

Available Configurations

Nasal Cannulas. Standard tip

Ref. No.:SizeTube length, cmQty. (box/carton)

Nasal Cannulas. Soft tip

Ref. No.:SizeTube length, cmQty. (box/carton)

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