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Epidural Catheters

  • •  With standard or soft tip
  • •  With 3 or 6 lateral holes

Epidural Catheter is specially designed for short term & long term continuous anesthesia & pain therapy. It can be placed in human body for a long time, and used for anesthesia before and after operation.

Product Features

An epidural catheter is a very fine plastic catheter (tube), which is placed through the skin into the epidural space within your spinal canal. This temporary catheter is left in place for a defined period of time; several days for most types of surgical pain and up to 6 weeks for certain types of chronic pain. The catheter allows access to the epidural space to inject medication such as local anesthetics and/or narcotics for relief of pain. Temporary epidural catheters are used for short-term treatment of painful conditions that require pain control for intensive physical therapy and/or joint mobilization. They are also used prognostically for trials of spinal medications prior to placement of permanent implanted ports or programmable pumps.

Technical characteristics:

  • Epidural catheter types:
  1. Atraumatic with 3 lateral holes
  2. Atraumatic with Soft Tip and 3 lateral holes
  3. Atraumatic, laterally tapered with 6 lateral holes
  4. Atraumatic with Soft Tip, laterally tapered with 6 lateral holes.
  • Catheters makes from unique plasticizer-free, latex-free formulation of polymer with excellent bio compatibility
  • Flexible & atraumatic soft tip with three or six lateral eyes reduces the risk of complications
  • Catheter has printed scale marks to determine the depth of insertion & accurate placement of catheter in the epidural space
  • Radio opaque line provides clear visualization of blood / CSF
  • Luer lock twist connector is supplied for easy & safe connection.
  • Sterile product for single use
  • Tube Length : 100 cm
  • Sizes : passes through 20G needle

Available Configurations

Ref. No.:Needle size (dia):Model:Lateral holes:
0117-М105-0320G (0,86мм)Standart Tip3
0117-М105-0420G (0,86мм)Soft Tip3
0117-М105-0520G (0,86мм)Standart Tip6
0117-М105-0620G (0,86мм)Soft Tip6

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