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Breathing Filters. HEPA

  • •  With HMEF
  • •  Without HMEF

Bacterial/Viral Filter is for humidifying, heating the breath between patients and the machine.

Product Features

  • Universal connectors used in the respiratory circuit both on the side of the ventilator (22F/15M), and on the patient's side (22F/15M)
  • Filters include port with Luerlock connector
  • 500 ml tidal volume
  • 99.9%+ bacterial/viral efficiency
  • The maximum duration of use is 24 hours
  • Low resistance 156/129 Pa @ 10 L/Min, 326/305 Pa @ 15 L/Min, 508/542 Pa @ 30 L/Min
  • Weight 40 g, 28.4 g
  • Dead Space 52 ml, 46 ml
  • Individually packaged, 75 to a case
Breathing Filters HEPA scheme

Available Configurations

SpecsWithout HMEFWith HMEF
Tidal Volume500 ml500 ml
Dead space52 ml46 ml
Antibacterial efficacy>99.9999 %>99.999 %
Antivirus effectiveness>99.999 %> 99.9999 %
Membrane area26,4 cm226,4 cm2
Pressure Drop/Resistance10 l/min156 Pa129 Pa
15 l/min326 Pa305 Pa
30 l/min508 Pa542 Pa
Humidification efficiency, at 500 ml tidal volume-32,2 mg/ml
Weight40 g28,4 g
Количество шт.  транспортной упаковке7575

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