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HME with Built-in Flex Tube

  • •  HME with Built-in Flex Tube humidifies and helps reduce the transfer of bacteria and viruses between the patient and practitioner.

The HME filter offers moisture returns higher than 30mg H2O at 500 ml Vt and incredibly low resistance.

Product Features

Airway Heat Moisture Exchangers (HME) are designed to enhanced humidification and help both ventilator patients and non-ventilator patients in critical care and anesthesia. HMEs reduce resistance, lower dead space and provide effective moisture output.

  • 200-1500 ml recommended tidal volume
  • 20 at 30 l/min resistance
  • With spong inside
  • Moisture loss (mg H20/l air): 4.2(@Vt 500ml)
  • Low resistance to flow
  • Light weight
  • Flexible designs for different tidal volumes
  • For adult patients with a tracheostomy tube

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