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Latex Foley Catheters with Hydrophilic coating

  • •  2-way or 3-way 6-30 Fr/Ch
  • •  Standard 400 mm
  • •  Female 230 mm
  • •  Pediatric 270 mm

A hydrophilic catheter has a coating that, with the addition of water, allows for smooth insertion and removal of the catheter without the use of a lubricating gel.Foley balloon catheter is a urinary tract catheter used for short or long term urine drainage. Foley catheter are made from natural latex rubber.

Product Features

  • Hydrophilic foley catheter wake the patients have no pain in urethral catheterization
  • The Hydrophilic coat keeps stable and is not easy to exfoliate for a long time.
  • Do not need paraffin oil lubricant, which can minimize irritation to urethra.
  • No urinary sediment: to avoid sediment of calcium phosphate caused by indwelling urethral catheterization.
  • Good biocompatibility: do not cause urethra infection.
  • Convenient operation: easy to pass through the urethral stricture or scar, and no need to dilate urethra.
  • High security: especially useful to patients sufferiong from prostate hyperplasia or urethral stricture.
  • Two way, three way, rubber and plastic valve.
  • Size: 6-30 Fr / Ch.
  • Balloon capacity: 3ml or 3-5ml or 5ml or 5-10ml or 5-15ml or 30ml or 30-50ml are available.

Available Configurations

2-way standart hydrophilic Foley catheter

Ref. No.:Balloon capacity:Size:Color:Qty.Cs:
1604-M222-125-15ML12 Fr / ChWhite400
1604-M222-145-15ML14 Fr / ChGreen400
1604-M222-1630ML16 Fr / ChOrange400
1604-M222-1830ML18 Fr / ChRed400
1604-M222-2030ML20 Fr / ChYellow400
1604-M222-2230ML22 Fr / ChViolet400
1604-M222-2430ML24 Fr / ChBlue400
1604-M222-2630ML26 Fr / ChPink400
1604-M222-2830ML28 Fr / ChBrown400
1604-M222-3030ML30 Fr / ChGrey400

2-way female hydrophilic Foley сatheter

Ref. No.:Balloon capacity:Size:Color:Qty.Cs:
1604-M223-125-15ML12 Fr / ChWhite400
1604-M223-1430ML14 Fr / ChGreen400
1604-M223-1630ML16 Fr / ChOrange400
1604-M223-1830ML18 Fr / ChRed400
1604-M223-2030ML20 Fr / ChYellow400
1604-M223-2230ML22 Fr / ChViolet400
1604-M223-2430ML24 Fr / ChBlue400

2-way pediatric hydrophilic Foley catheter

Ref. No.:Balloon capacity:Size:Length:Color:Qty.Cs:
1604-M221-063ML6 Fr270 MMRed400
1604-M221-083-5ML8 Fr270 MMBlack400
1604-M221-103-5ML10 Fr270 MMGrey400

3-way standart hydrophilic Foley Catheter

Ref. No.:Balloon capacity:Size:Color:Qty.Cs:
1604-M208-1630ML16 Fr / ChOrange400
1604-M208-1830ML18 Fr / ChRed400
1604-M208-2030ML20 Fr / ChYellow400
1604-M208-2230ML22 Fr / ChViolet400
1604-M208-2430ML24 Fr / ChBlue400
1604-M208-2630ML26 Fr / ChPink400
1604-M208-2830ML28 Fr / ChBrown400
1604-M208-3030ML30 Fr / ChGrey400

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