3-way standart Foley Catheter

3-way standart Foley Catheter

Used for drainage after bladder or upper urinary tract surgeries to add continuous irrigation capabilities. Continuous irrigation catheters are used to help remove tissue chips, blood clots and other debris from the bladder after surgery. Medications, such as antibiotic agents, can be introduced via a continuous drip method. If irrigation is discontinued, the irrigation lumen may be closed with a clamp or catheter plug.

Ref. No.: Sizes: Fr 16-26Category: Foley cathetersTags: with balloon,standart,3-way,latex.

Product Features

  • Extra lumen for irrigation and drug delivery.
  • Balloon capacity: 10ml, 15ml, 30ml or 50ml available.
  • Length: 400mm.

Available Configuration

Rubber valve

Ref. No.:Balloon capacity:Size:Color:Qty.Cs:
GCU20041630ML16 Fr / ChOrange400
GCU20041830ML18 Fr / ChRed400
GCU20042030ML20 Fr / ChYellow400
GCU20042230ML22 Fr / ChViolet400
GCU20042430ML24 Fr / ChBlue400
GCU20042630ML26 Fr / ChPink400

Plastic valve

Ref. No.:Balloon capacity:Size:Color:Qty.Cs:
GCU20041730ML16 Fr / ChOrange400
GCU20041930ML18 Fr / ChRed400
GCU20042130ML20 Fr / ChYellow400
GCU20042330ML22 Fr / ChViolet400
GCU20042530ML24 Fr / ChBlue400
GCU20042730ML26 Fr / ChPink400