Latex Urethral Catheter MEDEREN
Latex Urethral Catheter MEDEREN natural color
Latex Urethral Catheter MEDEREN red color

Latex Urethral Catheter

MEDEREN Foley Catheter is designed with an ultra smooth coating that increases patient comfort,making it ideal for both short and long term use. It has been shown in studies that MEDEREN reduces urethral irritation, and can resist bacterial colonisation and encrustation.

Ref. No.: Sizes: I.D. (12-22)Category: Foley cathetersTags: without balloon,uretral,latex.

Product Features

  • Used for temporary urethral catheterization.

Available Configuration

Red Latex

Ref. No.:Size:Length:Qty.Cs:
1604-M301-066 Fr / Ch270 MM400
1604-M301-088 Fr / Ch270 MM400
1604-M301-1010 Fr / Ch270 MM400
1604-M301-1212 Fr / Ch400 MM400
1604-M301-1414 Fr / Ch400 MM400
1604-M301-1616 FR / CH400 MM400
1604-M301-1818 Fr / Ch400 MM400
1604-M301-2020 Fr / Ch400 MM400
1604-M301-2222 Fr / Ch400 MM400
1604-M301-2424 Fr / Ch400 MM400

Natural Color Latex

Ref. No.:Size:Length:Qty.Cs:
1604-M302-066 Fr / Ch270 MM400
1604-M302-088 Fr / Ch270 MM400
1604-M302-1010 Fr / Ch270 MM400
1604-M302-1212 Fr / Ch400 MM400
1604-M302-1414 Fr / Ch400 MM400
1604-M302-1616 FR / CH400 MM400
1604-M302-1818 Fr / Ch400 MM400
1604-M302-2020 Fr / Ch400 MM400
1604-M302-2222 Fr / Ch400 MM400
1604-M302-2424 Fr / Ch400 MM400